Industry Sectors in the
District of Lörrach

Almost all leading German industries are represented in the District of Lörrach. We would like to show you the major ones within a general overview of our powerful economic region.


Automobil Branche

The automotive industry is one of our economic backbones: About 120 suppliers with a workforce of 20,000 employees generate sales of more than 6 bill. euros in the Districts of Lörrach and Waldshut. The special feature here is: Only a few companies are solely automotive suppliers. The vast majority provide products for various industries - The automotive industry is just one mainstay. Thus, the jobs and sales cannot be assigned to this field exclusively which makes the companies less dependent on the large automotive manufacturers. If you are looking for a secure job in an exciting industry: The automotive companies in our region are waiting for you!

Representative for this is our SW+ PREMIUM Partner, ARaymond GmbH & Co. KG which operates in Lörrach and Weil am Rhein. This company employs and constantly looks for qualified specialist and executive staff in various occupational fields.

Another automotive supplier and partner of SW+ is Auto-Kabel Management GmbH in Hausen in the Wiesental region.

Automobil Branche

Chemical and pharmaceutical sector

Chemie und Pharma Branche

Tradition and modern age – More than any other industry in the District of Lörrach, the chemical and pharmaceutical sector can look back on such a long history! Meanwhile the enterprises have constantly developed further – Many of them have long since become well established in the global market while others successfully operate in the exciting Life-Science and Start-Up Scene in the region. You are looking for an innovative and challenging job? Then just take a closer look at the various employers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry!

Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach-Wyhlen as one of our SW+ PREMIUM Partners is representative for the global players and constantly looks for specialists in the fields of technical quality assurance, clinical research, marketing and sales.

DSM Nutritional Products GmbH is another chemical and pharmaceutical SW+ Partner based in Grenzach-Wyhlen.

Chemie und Pharma Branche

Metrology and electrical engineering

Elektro- und Messtechnik

Electronic fans watch out: The District of Lörrach can score points with its many innovative employers providing various interesting job options in the field of metrology and electrical engineering. You are looking for an apprenticeship or you want to push your career in this field? Then the South West is the perfect place for you. The focus in the region is primarily on the metrology and control technology.

A top employer in this field is our Maulburg-based SW+ PREMIUM Partner Endress+Hauser SE+Co. KG as the international market leader for measuring devices, services and solutions for the industrial process engineering. A must-to-browse for all those looking for job offers.

Another excellent potential employer with varied job and career options is Auto-Kabel Management GmbH based in Hausen in the Wiesental region  - A company which specializes in integrated system solutions and innovative technologies for the energy management and electrical safety in vehicles.

Elektro- und Messtechnik

Energy supply and environmental technology

Energieversorgung Branche

The energy supply industry is particularly future-oriented and innovative in the District of Lörrach. The region is said to have the highest number of hydropower plants throughout Germany… surely due to the two rivers Rhine and Wiese which provide the territory for the production of renewable energies in the district.

The High Rhine between the Lake of Constance and Basel stretches over 150 kilometers and a gradient of 150 meters. No less than eleven barrages make use of this geographic conditions and produce green energy from hydropower. Besides, the river Wiese which descends from Feldberg down to Basel across the District of Lörrach, hereby surmounting a difference in altitude of 974 meters, provides excellent conditions for the energy production along its 34 hydropower stations.

Eight of the power stations along the Rhine and 10 small power stations at the Wiese are – either in 100% ownership or as shareholder - part of the Energiedienst-Gruppe, one of our SW+ PREMIUM Partners offering various job and career options in the energy sector.

The environmental technology is not a core business but rather integrated as a cross section technology in many other industries. Many companies hereby focus on energy saving, the prevention of emissions by means of downstream processes and production-integrated environmental technology.

Energieversorgung Branche

Health care and social services

Gesundheitsversorgung Branche

High value has always been placed on Health care and social welfare in the District of Lörrach and beyond. The health and care sector has become an ever more important issue against the background of demographic changes and ageing societies. This is in line with an increasing demand for nursing staff such as doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists or midwifes. Whether it is rehab facilities, hospitals or nursing homes: If you have a degree in a care profession you will surely find an attractive job here. You can choose among the many job and career options offered by great employers who really care about their staff.

This also applies to the Kliniken des Landkreises Lörrach as one of our SW+ Partners. The clinic group is one of the largest employers in the region and offer a wide range of career options.

The same goes for a further SW+ Partner, St. Josefshaus, with its main location in Rheinfelden-Herten. About 1,700 people work for the elderly and handicapped people in facilities which spread over the whole region. Here, too, an attractive working environment is waiting for you at the multi award-winning organization.

Gesundheitsversorgung Branche

Information and communication technology

IKT Branche

Digitization has become a buzzword. The State of Baden-Württemberg has set itself the target of becoming a digital powerhouse. Whether „digital@BW“, „Cyber Valley“ or „digitization awards“ – the Government and its ministries have initiated various measures to achieve this objective.

The District of Lörrach has also long since arrived in the digital age: Many companies and innovative startups stand for a bustling IT-sector. In 2008, the IT-cluster „connect Dreiländereck“ has been established, together with the neighboring District of Waldshut-Tiengen and further partners, partly from Switzerland and France. With its almost 80 member firms from all industries, this network organizes events on the topic of “digital change” which allows companies to build up networks among themselves and with IT providers.

The „DIGIHUB Südbaden“ is another future-oriented project which was created in December 2018. Being linked to the Southwest economic region (WSW), this regional digitization center acts as a central point for SME companies in the region and provides support on all matters of digitization.

IKT Branche

Public administration and financial services

Verwaltungs- und Finanzdienstleistung Branche

You might be surprised about the manifold apprenticeship and job options in the civil service or the banking sector. The wide range of training and vacancies is certainly owed to the large variety of tasks required in this work environment. Road planning and construction, organization of public transport, modernization of schools, safeguarding of nature conservation and animal welfare, but also payments for social benefits, care for refugees and administration of nursery homes are among the many tasks and activities involved. And last but not least there is a huge demand for young people with an affinity for numbers in the fields of controlling, budget planning or banking.

If you can imagine working for a modern town council with many exciting projects, some appealing jobs are waiting for you at our SW+ Partner, the City of Lörrach.

The same applies to our further SW+ Partners, the Lörrach Employment Agency and the County District Office Lörrach which, just like our Partner in the banking sector, Sparkasse Lörrach-Rheinfelden, welcome specialists and professionals with family-friendly policies and other attractive employment packages.

Verwaltungs- und Finanzdienstleistung Branche
Karte des Landkreises Lörrach